Are married women work as escorts?

Some married man may decide to become escorts just because they like the idea of getting attention of men and being escort is helping them to achieve the dreams they always had. Some married women become escorts and their husband and family do not even have the clue that they are escorts over here. Others become escorts and their husbands support them, especially if they are in an open relationship. Both the man and the woman may be sleeping around and they may be enjoying the relationship. However, some men do not like the idea of sharing their women and they think that women who start working as escorts are disgrace to their families, especially if they have already children together.

Most of the time it is their choice

Women who decide to become escorts without outside influence, they become happier. Some of these women are already happier and they have a career. They decide to become escorts because they want to and it is not a way of getting themselves away of the debt or because of desperation.

Most women misjudge the women, who become escorts thinking that they are drug addicts, street walkers or controlled by pimps. They think that they are willing to get some few dollars by offering their services. However, even if there are the street walkers who have awful life, there are women who offer the services in their apartment, small hotels or massage parlors. There are women who are also professional sex workers or professional escorts. They do work independently and they charge the money that can reach thousands in just one night. The clients of these women are movie stars, sports figures and politicians.

The reasons why married women can become escorts

Married women may decide to become escorts as any other girl. They can be attracted by money they get while working as escort while others want money to pay for something that will help them to improve their lives like education. Some women stop to work as escorts when they get the money they want. The women also may be seeing themselves as savior of marriage if they offer to men something they cannot find in their homes.

Streetwalkers, contrary to the escorts, most of them are addicted to drugs and the women are forced into the prostitution, even if they do not want to. Sex trafficking is known to be a multi billion dollars and international business where young girls and women are kidnapped and then enslaved. However, this does not mean that every woman in prostitution or escort business does not like it.

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