Getting the nuru massage for the first time

Ever heard of the Nuru massage? Preparing for a Nuru massage for the very first time will surely leave you feeling great and ready for the experience you’re about to receive is worthwhile. A nuru massage is a sensual massage that will leave every part of your body feeling sharp and sensitive. It will be a totally different massage to what you are used to having every day with the message therapist being beautiful women who are highly trained in the art of nuru massage. Be prepared to have moments of pure pleasure where you and the message therapist both enjoy the sensual feeling.

masseuseA nure massage involves connecting with your masseuse something that doesn’t happen with most regular massages. The nuru massage is usually done using special nuru oil that is applied to the bodies of the client and the therapist. The oil smells sweet and feels very smooth making the skin very smooth. The oil is meant to create a connection between you and the massage therapist. Unlike other types of massages, the nuru massage involves a full body contact where the masseuse her body to rub against usually creating a sensual feeling throughout your body. The rubbing of the masseuse body against yours is bound to awaken your body and give you pleasures you probably have never heard before.

It is worth noting that the massage is usually done with both the client and the therapists stripped naked. The nuru massage is a way to experience fully body contact while receiving a massage at the same time. It is an old Japanese massage that is aimed at releasing some tensions from your muscles and leaving you feeling stress-free and light. It will help you relax by taking away all the fatigue in your muscles. All the tension in your body is released, and you leave the room feeling a completely new person ready to anything.

The ultra-slick nuru oil/gel will leave your skin feeling vibrant and sensational. You can have a nuru massage therapist come to your room where you will be ordered to lie down on your stomach after stripping naked. The masseuse will undress as well and after applying the oil use body to provide you a massage like no other. A first-time nuru massage might be just what you need to relax and have the energies to move forward. It is a great pleasure and most people who have never experienced it wonder how they have missed such a great experience for a long time.

25be3cefe7a7d887cf69a2edad9c9e88The good thing with a nuru massage is that you can have it done to couples without any complications in their relationships. It is a great way for couples to bring back their sex life back by arousing all the senses and making them have the desires to spend time together again. A nuru massage will arouse you and awaken all your senses making you feel like a small boy in your teenage years. Getting your nuru massage for the very first time should be an experience worth treasuring and one that you must enjoy on a regular basis.

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