Difference between suggar baby and prostitute

A prostitute is either a woman or a man who has sex with someone for money. He or she uses his abilities in such a manner which they don’t deserve respect. They engage in sex activity for payment. Prostitutes are mostly found in the streets.

A sugar baby is a form of dating which involves a sugar daddy or a sugar mummy who is wealthy and can offer official assistance. The sugar daddy or sugar mummy needs the company of a sugar baby for companionship and love making. But sex is not the only thing needed in the relationship. The sugar baby may at times get expensive gifts; they also venture in public, holiday at expensive places, are given money to pay their bills. Their relationship is that of boyfriend and girlfriend.

Differences between sugar baby and a prostitute

sexy_girlThe main difference between a prostitute and a sugar baby is the relationship status. Whereby a prostitute has a transactional relationship and a sugar baby has an ongoing relationship with the sugar daddy. There are no transactions involved. In a prostitute, she or he will get involved in some physical activity in exchange of funds, and they will part ways. There is no possibility of any relationship no connections or even romance. A sugar baby has an ongoing romantic relationship with the sugar daddy.

A sugar baby is one who wants to date a man who can give her the kind of lifestyle she or he chooses and desires. She or he is selective since she or he needs a financially secure man. In a sugar baby’s life, sex and intimacy are not a requirement. Prostitution is a kind of profession. A prostitute can have anybody as a client as long as she is paid. There are many risks involved with this kind of job. The risks involve things such as abuse, exposure to crime and diseases that are sexually transmitted. A prostitute can get a client who can emotionally and physically abuse her.

A sugar baby has a generous and a good relationship with a sugar daddy and gets money out of the relationship. The relationship can turn into long term serious relationship since there is respect and they both value each other’s time. Prostitutes are just paid to perform anything that the clients want. But the main problem of the sugar relationship is that most times is monogamous.

Sugar babies are always in this relationship because they have professional goals. They are teachers, college students, actresses and business professionals. Prostitutes use their clients as a source of income. They are just interested in money but not a mentor. She is only there to do her job and leave.

Both a sugar baby and a prostitute are there for money. They are individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Both are relationships between two individuals who are interested in one another’s company and is advantageous for the both teams. There is no big difference between a sugar baby and a prostitute, the difference is that, in a sugar baby, there can be a long term relationship but in a prostitute, they meet, and after she is paid for the activity, she leaves and may never find that person again and goes looking for another client.

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