Top 5 Relationship Problems

Relationships require a lot of work from both parties. Often when relationships fail, we tend to blame and find faults in each other. However, relationships often fail due to a multiplicity of factors. Some of the main problems are;

Poor communication

tall_sexy_girl_byThis is among the top problems that relationships face. Misunderstandings which mostly result from finishing a conversation before things are made clear only fuel the problem. Not being able to say what you feel for fear of an unknown reaction from your partner is another factor. Communication is important to a successful relationship. To achieve this get into a relationship with someone you can be free with; someone you view as a friend and can talk to about anything that may affect the relationship.


Distance, either too much or too little can be a problem in a relationship. Many long distance relationships fail because one or both of the partners may lose focus. Being distant emotionally is even worse than physical distance. One of the partners may feel alone and not cared for. However, some distance and personal space should be given. Otherwise one may not appreciate it feeling like their partner is too needy. It helps to know what your partner likes. Is he/ she okay with spending a lot of time and doing things together or are they a more private person? Getting such information will help in avoiding this problem.

Trust issues

This is major. It is basic for every relationship to be successful. You cannot be in a relationship without trust. It can even be damaging to both parties. For there to be love there must be trust. Trust issues become a problem by making the accused feel judged. One should be able to believe in their partners and avoid being influenced by third parties. Try not to doubt everything they do or say, if not for any other reason to avoid the shame that will come when you realize that they were truthful and what they did was for the good of the relationship.

Past relationships

Many people make the mistake of thinking that their past experiences are a reflection of what awaits them in the future. It is hardly ever the case. Understand that it is a different person and that times are different. Before beginning a new relationship with someone else, one should be ready to turn a new leaf. Do not carry baggage to a new relationship. It is unfair especially to your partner. In most cases the hurt carried forward makes you exceedingly suspicious. This affects the level of commitment as you are always expecting the worst from your partner.

Being in a relationship for wrong reasons

Modern relationships are greatly affected by this one. In the past relationships were built on love, or liking someone enough to be with them for long. These days, however, relationships for convenience and rebound are more than those who are for love. If you are in a relationship to avoid feeling lonely, it will end as soon as you get something to keep you occupied. If it is for money and you get your own, the relationship will no longer be meaningful. Be in a relationship for the right reasons and you will always be motivated to work harder to see it last and become successful.

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